August 1, 2014


Parasol satellite is composed of :

a microsatellite platform with common equipments.

This platform was designed for about 100 kg mass satellites. His position control uses a star sensor, some gyros and reaction wheels. The orbit control will be done by an hydrazine system.
The on board gestion is centralised, build using a 10 MIPS micro processor T805. A mass memory is available for the data storage. The telemetries and the telecommandes use CCSDS standard.

a payload formed by :

  • a computer and a 16 Gb mass memory
  • a High rate telemetry
  • the Polder instrument

Parasol will be launched as an auxiliary passenger on an Ariane 5G+ flight that will also be carrying Helios 2A, the first satellite in France's second-generation military surveillance system, the four Essaim microsatellites built around the Myriade bus, and a Spanish nanosatellite. Mounted on the ASAP5 platform (Ariane Structure for Auxiliary Payload) with its five co-passengers, it will be the last to separate from the launcher into a near-circular orbit at an altitude of 705 kilometres.